Acoustic treatment of a Bradford Breaker


Coal mines are committed to decreasing their noise footprint within the local environment. One such coal mine initiated an important project to decrease the overall noise impact of their colliery.


The mine site was exceeding imposed noise limits, which was impacting on residents in neighbouring suburbs. One of the dominant noise sources contributing to the exceedence was determined to be the Bradford Breaker.

Recognising their previous success in noise source attenuation, Hushpak Engineering was engaged to design and develop a noise attenuation solution for a Bradford Breaker.


Hushpak designed and built a custom Acoustic Treatment System to attenuate the Bradford Breaker noise levels at the source itself. The solution incorporated Hushpak’s patented Hushclad acoustic cladding panels, along with some additional noise attenuating materials.

The system was designed by Hushpak’s acoustic engineers and manufactured at their workshop, before being installed on site.


Noise levels were monitored before and after the Acoustic Treatment System was installed, in order to determine the degree of noise attenuation achieved by the system. Noise monitoring at the Bradford Breaker indicated that Hushpak’s Acoustic Treatment System achieved a reduction in noise level of more than 10 dB(A). This means the perceived noise (the sound pressure) was reduced to 1/3 of the original level – a substantial improvement. Further away from the Bradford Breaker, reductions of more than 8 dB(A) were observed.

Summary of outcomes:

  • Noise reduction in excess of 10dB(A)
  • Decrease in site’s overall noise footprint
  • Reduction in noise complaints and exceedences
  • Project delivered on time and on budget

More info

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