Hushpak Mobile

Mobile Machinery Noise Attenuation reduces noise at the source.
Resolve your noise problem effectively with products designed to withstand the harshest conditions, backed by in-depth engineering knowledge and state-of-the-art acoustic monitoring.

HushClad Acoustic Cladding

Reduce noise emissions from your plant, equipment and processes with HushClad, a high performance revolutionary and cost-effective Australian-made cladding product invented by the innovators at Hushpak Engineering.

Enclosures and Barriers

Hushpak provides a series of engineered noise barriers and enclosures which attenuate or absorb sound and vibration to achieve noise reduction.
We have solutions for industrial equipment, manufacturing sites, fixed plant, railways and roadways.

HushPanel Noise Barrier

Traffic noise reduction with custom perimeter and roadside barriers
Mitigate the impacts of noise created by vehicle traffic or from public areas with HushPanel, an aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective and simple to install noise reduction solution from Hushpak.

noise compliance

Hushpak Acoustic Testing

Our leading-edge Acoustic Testing will help you evaluate the noise impacts of your mining, manufacturing or industrial site or machinery with noise modelling, sound power level assessment, noise level measurement, or discrete frequency analysis.

General Fabrication

Hushpak Engineering has an extensive range of machinery and industry know-how to provide solutions for projects requiring metal fabrication of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium in various thicknesses.