Our Process

1. We interrogate your noisy environment to understand the problem, evaluating options that will ensure the greatest possible noise reduction.

2. We budget, plan and submit proposed designs based on our testing and selecting the most suitable products and technologies to meet your requirements.

3. We design, manufacture and install the most effective noise control solutions for your site, preserving maintenance and access plus the health and safety of your workers.

Who We Are

For over 20 years, Hushpak Engineering has been the Australian pioneer in custom-designed noise control solutions, products and technologies for the mining, manufacturing, construction and commercial industries.

We are dedicated to driving excellence and innovation in the field of noise management together with our revolutionary noise attenuation products and supported by world-class acoustic analysis and modelling tools.

We are quiet achievers, helping clients in some of the world’s most uniquely challenging environments solve real and pressing business issues through diligence, smart design and a scientific approach.

General Manager - Hushpak Engineering

Michael Neville

Michael has more than 30 years’ broad experience in design, manufacturing, project management, risk management and business management. As General Manager of Hushpak, his primary focus is on achieving world-class technology driven solutions that address and solve real business issues pertaining to noise.