Enclosures and Barriers

We have solutions for industrial equipment, manufacturing sites, fixed plant, railways and roadways.

Hushpak provides a series of engineered noise barriers and enclosures which attenuate or absorb sound and vibration to achieve noise reduction.

We have several products available including acoustic cladding and barrier products, louvres, noise curtains and acoustic enclosures.  We select superior materials for our purpose built designs that achieve the best noise reduction, are visually appealing, with the added advantage of quick and easy installation.


Custom-made noise reduction cladding, patented and purpose-built for industrial and commercial properties.


An effective and aesthetically versatile acoustic fencing and noise barrier solution for commercial and government projects.

Acoustic Louvres

Our louvres are designed to incorporate low air resistance with aerodynamics to maximise noise reduction whilst ensuring an appropriate level of airflow and ventilation. The louvres are purpose-built and can also serve as weather barriers.

Enclosures and Barriers Case Studies