HushPanel Acoustic Noise Barrier

Hushpak is a leader in providing acoustic solutions for unwanted noise including vehicle noise from roads and noise from construction and heavy industry

About HushPanel

Many people are impacted from noise created by vehicle traffic on roads or from public recreational areas. Erecting perimeter barriers is an effective measure to reduce loud and unwanted sound.

Hushpak specialises in customised acoustic solutions. Based on years of experience in acoustics and engineering, Hushpak invented HushPanel, a lightweight cladding product, effective in reducing noise.

HushPanel is manufactured from Colorbond steel with a patented polymer layer. HushPanel is attractive and durable in standard Custom Orb or Trimdek profiles. Detailed installation instructions are provided to ensure quick and easy installation as pre-fabricated panels lift easily into place.


Used as perimeter fencing, up to 5.4m high, HushPanel reduces noise energy transmitted from the following sources:

  • road and vehicle traffic
  • train and railway operations
  • manufacturing, industrial and construction sites
  • public recreational areas.

Technical Details

Please note: To ensure your installation is optimised and the required noise reduction performance is achieved, please seek advice from Hushpak before specifying or quoting the HushPanel product.

HushPanel is available in the Colorbond colour range, in standard Custom Orb and Trimdek profiles. As the Colorbond colour range can change at any time, we recommend you refer to the latest Colorbond colour chart or obtain a sample of the product before making your final selection.


  • Pre-engineered up to 5.4m high
  • Lightweight panels with specified lifting points
  • Improved colour durability with advanced paint technology, resists peeling, chipping and cracking
  • Durable and corrosion resistant
  • Colorbond steel warranty
  • Manufactured in Australia


  • Proven acoustic performance
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Strong, tough and less susceptible to damage
  • Visually appealing front and back
  • Range of colour options can differ on each side
  • Not subject to termite or weather damage
  • Cost-effective alternative
MaterialHushPanel is made from Colorbond steel with a polymer core
Custom Orb® or Trimdek®
FinishPowdercoating (both sides)
Front colourStandard Colorbond range
Back colourStandard Colorbond range for large orders

(For small quantities, please contact Hushpak)

Total Thickness2mm
HeightFrom 2.4m – 5.4m
PerformanceSTC 25 or STC 28
LengthAvailable in standard 3 meter post spacing