Hushpak Mobile

Mobile Machinery Noise Attenuation

We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of noise attenuation solutions, reducing noise at the source without compromising engine efficiency or operability.

Reduce Noise at the Source

Resolve your noise problem effectively with products designed to withstand the harshest conditions, backed by in-depth engineering knowledge and state-of-the-art acoustic monitoring.

Dozer Attenuation Kits

Mitigate track noise and reduce dozer undercarriage noise by up to 6db(A). Packages also available for exhaust, engine bay and cabin noise.

Easy to Fit Acoustically Engineered Mufflers

Reduce fuel consumption and increase engine efficiency with custom designed exhaust and muffler systems for heavy vehicles and mobile machines, including haul trucks, dozers, excavators and drilling rigs.

  • Lower overall cost than ‘off-the-shelf’ muffler
  • Meet OEM specifications for exhaust backpressure
  • High and low frequency tone sound-dampening
  • Easy to install and service
leibherr 996 hushpak muffler
Acoustic Enclosures, Barriers, Fans and Louvres

Custom-built new or upgraded enclosures for mobile machines, plus fans and louvres to minimise sound emissions while ensuring air flow and ventilation.

Hushpak Mobile Case Studies