Reducing noise at a conveyor head chute with a custom noise curtain


Coal mines are committed to decreasing their noise footprint within the local environment. One such coal mine initiated an important project to decrease the overall noise impact of their colliery.


The mine was receiving regular noise complaints from residents in neighbouring suburbs. The customer identified coal impact in conveyor head chutes as a significant contributor to their noise emission. The two key areas where this was occurring were the ‘Rock Box’ and ‘Coal Bin’. Recognising Hushpak Engineering’s previous success in noise control, they were engaged to apply their problem solving approach to reduce noise from the coal conveyor system.


Hushpak designed, manufactured and installed a noise curtain for the Rock Box. The curtain consisted of a series of steel and polymer impact blocks, which deaden the noise of coal impact. The arms supporting the impact blocks were designed to swing back, further dissipating the energy created upon impact. This solution yielded substantial levels of noise attenuation. Following the success of the first curtain installation, a second unit was designed, manufactured and installed in the Coal Bin.


Noise monitoring was conducted outside the Coal Bin before and after the second curtain was installed. The results showed an average decrease in noise levels outside the Coal Bin in excess of 12 dB(A). This means the perceived noise (the sound pressure) was reduced to 1/4 of the original noise level, a significant and pleasing outcome.

The curtains not only provided noise attenuation, but also helped to break up the coal, which improved the overall coal handling process.

Summary of Outcomes:

  • Noise reduction in excess of 12db(A)
  • Improved break up of coal
  • Decrease in site’s overall noise footprint
  • Reduction in noise complaints and exceedences
  • Project completed on time and on budget

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