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Many of our customers do not realise what’s involved in noise testing and when noise testing should be independently verified. Some just consider third party testing to be expensive and unnecessary.  So to help customers understand a bit more about noise testing, we answered some of the commonly asked questions.

Hushpak understands the importance of assessing and measuring noise data correctly and rely on theoretical, numerical and experimental methods. We conduct noise testing ourselves, or consult with a number of third parties including universities, independent noise consultants and Integrated Noise Management experts from the Advitech Group. For specialised products or projects, we also use NATA accredited Acoustic Testing Laboratories.

In-house noise testing – is used to demonstrate compliance and is a complimentary service to the supply of attenuation kits. We follow ISO standards, using calibrated equipment and detailed procedures to ensure accurate results.

Independent verification  – we use a number of third party acoustic experts to validate the noise results of our acoustic projects. This may be a simple third party noise test (e.g. noise reduction of grouser dampers installed on a D11T), or may involve a detailed assessment of our testing methodology.  This latter approach was used to evaluate a noise kit on a CAT 793 mining truck.  The external consultant validated the amazing results achieved for this vehicle, by

  1. confirming our methodology and
  2. verifying an attenuated result of 113 dB(A)

Laboratory testing – Hushpak also sends product to a NATA accredited Acoustic Testing Laboratory. That way, we know the Acoustic Measurement Report provides results under approved test conditions and are endorsed by the issuing authority. Samples of HushClad Ultimate, our premium acoustic cladding product were recently tested.  The results confirmed an improvement in sound transmission class (STC), a rating for performance of sound insulating constructions, to STC 28.

In a nutshell, there are many ways to conduct noise assessments to achieve results and to verify attenuation solutions. Hushpak is committed to deliver customers practical and cost effective noise attenuation products and noise testing services.

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