Idler Wheel Treatment

Undercarriage noise attenuation of dozers

Hushpak Engineering has your solution to dozer noise. Our understanding of noise, together with our proven  track record, tailored approach and readiness to take on a challenge enables us to solve your noise problem.

Idler Wheel Treatment

Hushpak has developed a successful and cost effective method for damping idler wheels. Field testing shows Hushpak idler wheel treatment reduces the overall sound level of the dozer under most operating conditions.

Attenuated idler wear rate is identical to non attenuated idlers. Reconditioning of attenuated wheels is a practical alternative to complete wheel replacement.

To complement undercarriage noise reduction, Hushpak offers a range of additional dozer noise attenuation packages, including treatment of:

  • Exhaust
  • Engine Bay
  • Cabin
  • Track Plate or Grouser Dampers

As dozers vary within each mine site, the noise reduction required and the role of the dozer must be
considered before deciding how to best mitigate the problem.