HushClad decreases industrial noise

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Containing industrial noise prevents excessive environmental noise for neighbouring homes and businesses as well as ensures noise compliance for industry workshops. Hushpak have a cost-effective answer to this noise problem in their product, HushClad.

HushClad is a customisable cladding product made from a patented polymer layer and manufactured by Colorbond®steel which has been independently tested (see results below).

It has proven itself effective in reducing workplace and industry noise emissions including but not limited to: grinding, impact noise, pneumatic tools, vibratory feeders, drive units, turbulence from ventilation or exhaust fans and timber processing noises.

Roads & Infrastructure Magazine July 2019HushClad was also recently featured in the July 2019 edition of Roads & Infrastructure Magazine, highlighting the effects of its durable sound reduction not only for whole worksites, but also for the sound containment of individual pieces of equipment.

Michael Neville, Managing Director of Hushpak Engineering, says “In some cases, companies don’t want to clad an entire building. If there is just a single piece of equipment that needs sound attenuation then customers can use HushClad for a specific enclosure.”

HushClad is a complete answer for curbing mechanical noise, agricultural noise and fluid noise across all construction, mining, infrastructure, manufacturing and industry sites.

For more information on Hushpak’s noise reduction solutions, call Michael Neville at Hushpak Engineering on 4964 4000.

HushClad installation

HushClad Technology in action reducing sound from a noisy workshop.



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