Next generation muffler reduces noise of mobile machines

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Mobile machines such as haul trucks, excavators, dozers and drilling rigs are major contributors to noise on mine sites. Complying with workplace noise requirements can be challenging for some, but Hushpak has engineered a muffler to achieve compliance whilst providing secondary safety and operational benefits.

For haul trucks, traditional “one-type-fits-all” noise control solutions can cost up to $200,000 and add four tonnes of extra equipment. This can cause both accessibility issues and maintenance challenges that impact vehicle performance and payload. Visual obstruction and confined space within the engine bay also makes it tough for maintenance staff to easily access the engine bay to keep it clean and free from oil leaks. As a result, the vehicle has high potential to overheat leading to increased risk of fire.  A light-weight, cost-effective muffler design that could reduce noise and improve safety for maintenance teams was required.

Realising the shortfalls of many traditional mufflers, Hushpak acoustically engineered and custom designed mufflers and exhaust systems for a range of mobile machine engines, including the Caterpillar 793D and Liebherr 996 excavator.  These mufflers passed noise tests with several secondary benefits:

  • Minimal weight and bulk added to vehicle – advanced 3D finite element techniques were used to design the muffler, resulting in a low weight muffler
  • Predicted acoustic performance – pre-testing the muffler in the workshop reduced installation time and effort, and eliminated the need to modify or retrofit to achieve compliance
  • Minimal air flow restriction and back pressure – improved engine efficiency and fuel consumption whilst reducing diesel exhaust emissions and exhaust gas temperature
  • Improved machine serviceability – minimal equipment installation improved visibility and access into the engine bay, reducing risk of fire and improving safety of maintenance tasks

Hushpak has an unrivalled track record for successful noise control with minimal equipment installation, lower cost and less exhaust back pressure than our competitors.  Click here to read our case study.

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