New national partnership delivers dozer noise solutions

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Hushpak Engineering, the Australian leader in dozer noise attenuation solutions, has joined forces with industry heavyweight Trackspares.

Trackspares (Australia) Pty Ltd. is now a distributor of genuine Hushpak Dozer Sound Suppression products in Australia and are one of the major suppliers for all undercarriage components and rebuilds.  

Hushpak’s products and treatments successfully meet the challenge brought by the harsh environment of an operating dozer, while retaining suitable acoustic attenuation performance.

Introducing Trackspares

Trackspares are renowned as heavy equipment undercarriage supply and rebuild specialists, servicing the civil construction, quarrying and mining industries.

The parent company of Trackex, Rossi and KBJ – Trackspares have a proven track-record of experience, innovation and competitive edge, offering genuine cost savings and solutions without compromising on quality.

With offices in Toowoomba, Queensland and Neerabup, Western Australia, and their extensive national dealer network, they can easily service both the east and west coasts of Australia.

Why Trackspares?

Trackspares is a great fit for the company, as it shares Hushpak’s vision of providing high quality, cost effective solutions.

What Hushpak products can Trackspares supply?

Hushpak is pleased to partner with Trackspares, supplying them with our noise attenuation equipment including sound suppressed idler wheels and track dampers for large dozers in the mining sector.

Idler Wheel Treatment

Hushpak is renowned for developing a successful and cost-effective method for damping idler wheels. Field testing has shown Hushpak idler wheel treatment reduces the overall sound level of the dozer under most operating conditions.

Attenuated idler wear rate is identical to non-attenuated idlers. Reconditioning of attenuated wheels is a practical alternative to complete wheel replacement.

Track plate dampers

Noise is emitted at the track plates (also known as grousers) as they impact on the sprockets and idler wheels. The grousers act like a sound board and reverberate at multiple frequencies significantly adding to the tonal noise of the machine. An overall reduction of up to 4 dB(A) can be achieved.

Installation of track plate dampers minimises reverberation of the track plates or grousers when the track chain strikes the sprockets and idlers. Track plate dampers are effective at removing up to 4 dB(A) from the dozer sound power level and improve operator comfort.

To complement undercarriage noise reduction, Hushpak offers a range of additional dozer noise attenuation packages, including custom-designed exhaust mufflers and engine bay treatment.

As dozers vary within each mine site, the noise reduction required and the role of the dozer must be considered before deciding how to best mitigate the problem.


Hushpak Engineering has your solution to dozer noise. Our understanding of noise, together with our proven track record, tailored approach and readiness to take on a challenge enables us to solve your noise problem. Contact us on (02) 4964 4000 to discuss your noise attenuation needs.

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